Glad you found me… But this is still a work in progress. I do not keep an open stock, I make them as orders are received as I need to know size and color of beads/crystals etc. (I’m good, but not good enough to anticipate those facts *giggles*). Typically turn around is only a few days, but some of the more complicated weaves may take longer. If you do not see a ‘Buy Me’ button it means that I have a bunch of orders that need to be filled before I can take on anymore, (This would be a good thing!) so please check back in a few days.

All of the rings are handmade by me, I also make my own clasps. Sizing your piece is critical! Shipping back and forth if there is a sizing issue is costly so please read the section on how to properly size your wrist. Because each item is made to your specifications, there are no returns, so again measure… measure… measure to be sure before you order.

If you have a questions about a weave or it’s clasp please use the contact form (before you buy the item).

So look around, not sure when it will all be done as I am working on this as time allows…. and who has enough of that??? If you see something you want let me know via the contact form and we will work out the details (until I get this ‘bad boy’ done) and get it out to you.

Thanks! Have a blessed day!

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