I have been a crafter, more specifically a scrapbooker for over 2 decades. At some point, I forget now as I have slept since then, wire embellishments were all the rage. Cute little charms, animals made from buttons and wire, you get the idea. I pondered and thought to myself, “I could so make that myself. And so began my quest.

I bought some cheap craft wire at my local scrap store (‘crap’ store as my hubby calls it *giggles*) and began to imitate the embellishments. Oh the fun I had… then I went to my first scrapbook convention and decide to take a class on, yup you guessed it, wire embellishments. The instructor showed us a very quick easy way to make jump rings to hang our embellishments.

Then sometime later in one of my online scrapbook groups I was asked if I would teach some of my wire working techniques and I agreed. I wanted my class to be inclusive so I began researching all about wire. How it was made, the different gauges and how to tell them apart, the tools need and pretty much all things wire. This is when I stumbled upon a chainmaille website and the rest as they say was history!

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