Jewlery Care

The rings are handmade, by me, from Enameled Copper Wire & 99% Pure Copper Wire (lead and nickel free). Enameled Copper is permanently colored however; abuse, rough wearing/twisting or exposure to heat can cause damage to the color. The enameled rings have a hypoallergenic plastic coating that helps to prevent the wire from tarnishing.

The Pure Copper rings will tarnish when exposed to air, this is called oxidation. Below are some methods for removing the tarnish.

Care Guidelines: Your bracelet should be kept away from heat and direct sun light. Clean with a dry polishing cloth, nothing abrasive. Be cautious of hand creams and perfume any and all chemicals used in household cleaning as they may damage your piece. Do not wear it ion a swimming pool as the chlorine can affect it as well.

Cleaning your pure Copper Jewelry

Simply hand wash copper items in warm soapy water, rinse and dry them thoroughly. Finish by buffing with a soft, clean, dry cloth.

Over time your piece may become tarnished. Polish your pure copper piece on a regular basis. The longer you leave it the harder it may be to remove the oxidation and restore its shine.

Below are a few homemade cleaners that proven effective (I foudn them online as I am sure you can do as well). A good commercial copper cleaner/polish would work as well.

Vinegar Paste
Minor Tarnish can be cleaned with a paste made from vinegar, salt, and all-purpose flour. Make a paste by mixing equal parts of the ingredients. Apply the paste with a soft, clean, dry cloth, rinse it thoroughly, and buff the copper to a shine.

Lemon Juice Cleaner
Moderate to Severe Tarnish: Rub equal parts of salt and real lemon juice. Rub briskly then rinse well. Dry and buff the metal until it shines. (This is my preferred method)

Tomato-based Cleaner
Tomato paste or ketchup contain acid that works well in removing tarnish and stains. Apply product to a soft cloth, and briskly rub. Rinse and dry it thoroughly, and buff it with a clean dry cloth.

Commercial Cleaner
Because of the cleaning agents a commercial cleaners contain cleaning agents and polish, they will keep your copper piece shiny longer the the above diy cleaners.

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